PAC Donation

Minimum Price: $5.00


Through the generosity of our members, the Association maintains one of the largest and most active Political Action Committees (PAC) in the Commonwealth.

The Mass Retirees PAC is established for Massachusetts political activity only. This is not a federal PAC and cannot legally be used at the Congressional or Presidential level of government.

As our Executive Board has done each year, we are asking our members to support the Association’s PAC, known as the Retired Public Employees PAC. Your help is needed more than ever.

Opponents to our retirement and insurance plans are continuing their attacks. We must maintain a strong and unified front if we are to prevail against these challenges.

As you know, the State House is at the center of this fight. We must support our allies in the Legislature as they promote and defend your pension and insurance benefits.

Our PAC plays a pivotal role in this regard, by helping candidates who support us. But, without your financial assistance, we can’t continue this essential work.

Don’t forget that your decision to make a PAC contribution is totally voluntary. Whether you contribute or not, you remain, in our eyes, a loyal Association member who we are here to serve. That is also true when it comes to the amount of your contribution, with the following guidelines being offered simply as a suggestion, and nothing more:

Annual PensionContribution
Under $15,000$5.00
$15,000 to $20,000$10.00
Over $20,000$15.00
Over $30,000$20.00